I recently discovered this treasure during my last visit helping clean out my parent's basement. Revisiting the characters, games, and publications I created as a child brought me to tears of laughter. I hope it does the same for you. I will be posting the work as I scan them. ENJOY!

I am now employed FT and would like any future donations to go to Child's Play; Penny Arcade's awesome fundraiser for kids in hospitals.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Ah, Evan the Mutated One Comic #2. Mutant power fists, evil eyes, TMNT sneakers and 4 Square bicep tattoos. What else could you need in a super villain? Anyone remember the jello ad with that character? I couldnt find the commercial online - just cosby. He was a prisoner that had shovels for hands and repeated, "I really dig jello. I really dig pudding" if I recall correctly. It was really annoying. Let me know if you find it anywhere. He sneaks into this comic somehow and is just as annoying.

Evan the Mutated One #2


So I remember getting "How to Draw Superhero" books. I never did like the segment line figure drawing. I def tried it out a few times, but ended up always looking for the shortcuts to have a final drawing done quickly.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ah, let the weird, young boy humor continue. It's so odd how boys just like to make fun of each other. This comic has way too many inside jokes and confusing drawings. Evan was the new kid that moved into the area and was a little "off". A single child with some weird social skills, or lack there of. We were not so nice to him (or to each other) and we showed it through these comics. Evan's mutated variation reminds me of Rat Fink before I even knew who Fink was. Read it if you dare...and there will be 3 more. I think I will be keeping these within this post by simply updating it instead of adding more posts because if you didnt grow up on Lord Ct in the 80's you wont get 75% of the jokes. PDF comic after the break.

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ah, comic books. It was always exciting to go to the local comic shop and pick up a new issue with amazing heroes and villains. But home made comics were personal, funny, and uncensored! This comic is based on all my childhood friends as we got together to play video games every day after school. It is always more fun to rub elbows when you are taking smack vs wearing a headset in video games. Those were great times. In fact, we had a video game club that had required weekly meetings. I will be posting the club newsletters too (where now I realize I have been doing my profession of graphic design A LOT LONGER than I thought if I count those page layouts and design).


"Brett" was my "doodle" that went on a lot of things. My first mass doodle character was Bill the Cat after I learned a quick way to draw him. Brett followed shortly thereafter when I wanted my own original character. As I got older I learned that drawings could be funny, not just fun. Now granted, the next few posts will be confusing at times due to the nature of a the humor coming from a young boy where as some things are not as funny to an adult. LOL I also noticed that my skill and care dropped as my young brain focused more on jokes and speed. But some will still give a good chuckle just like the Calvin & Hobbes I clipped out to express my emotion during Brett's little rampage with heavy weaponry.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FACES 1977

Supportive parents are awesome! At 3 years old I drew doodles that might make it just to the fridge, but my Dad cut them all out and framed them. I've held on to this forever and will be a great reminder to me for when I have kids. To encourage them in every way with their interests and nurture their talents.


This is a little left field of the norm, but still appropriate on the topic. I am the youngest from a family of six (if I was a girl, we would have been the Brady Bunch) and when we lived in Granite City, Illinois (attention world - the state is not pronounced "ill-a-noyssss" but "ILL-A-NOY") okay - moving on......there was a local neighbor/artist that my parents had make a 5x7 for every sibling. I have had this illustration ever since and had it inked on my left arm that is dedicated to child nostalgia and is being used as the center piece for the sleeve.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides......... 

Looks like I'm going to beat the high score! Seems like a hybrid of all the classic alien shooters; Yar's Revenge, Space Invaders, Galaga, Galaxian, etc Whatever game it was, I'm kickin' ass!


I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides......... 

I loved SpyHunter. The local drugstore had the arcade and I played it as much as I could. I wanted my own version and I couldn't understand why the cars couldn't simply have MORE guns! I wanted evil red limos with bazookas, rocket power boosts, hub cap bombs!


I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides......... 

Or maybe this is a squid or jellyfish? It was stacked with the video game drawings so I'm going with PacMan. I must say I really dig how I didn't draw the eyes directly with the marker.


I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides......... 

It has clouds with mustaches. What else can I say?


 I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides......... 

 I always got a kick out the road runner cartoons where there was a single branch growing out of the side of the mountain. This was usually where the coyote grapped on for dear life before falling all the way down. Here we have a wise american bald eagle perched proudly and his little nocturnal buddy sleeps soundly underneath. Notice the "Zzzz'" are upside down? That's means I flipped the paper to draw the bat.


I was hoping to go in a somewhat chronological order, but I just found these older drawings on some more old computer paper with the holes on the sides.........

This must be the evil ocean because they all have "angry" eyes. The sun looks very unhappy that this evil, aquatic armada is heading towards something kind, sweet, and innocent.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


This handbook is FBI government data and is rated "Officially Top Secret" with information on the weaponry and equipment for the agent known only as, The Enforcer. More after the break.


Maybe a torch bounty hunter for hire? A super firetrooper villan? A hater of ice sculpture? Not much is known about the identity of the Flamethrower, but we know a lot about the equipment! It has "dark shade for protection of brightness". Looks like I had fun with The Lord Society pages and moved onto color spec sheets. Here we have more 80's fashion in a "fire & lightening" inspired ensemble that says, "I'm prepared for anything hot."


This was taped together as a booklet. I even had a blank back page as any real book would. I'm not sure I follow where I was going with "FBI Federal Plans" I thought they were bad guys, but maybe they USED to be and now the FBI are fighting crime WITH crime? M.A.S.K. had to be inspiration....Crime Lord's gun looks a lot like the original Transformers Megatron. Classified spec pages after the break; click "read more" for top secret access...


Found an earlier drawing of Storm Shadow. As a child he was "cobra ninja" to me for a while I guess. I was however clever enough to use my metallic liquid pen for the swords, etc right down to the belt buckle.   ; )

Monday, August 23, 2010


I want one, let's start digging.
When I couldn't get my hands on poster paper I would simply tape what I had together and make a mini poster. This opened up a realm of possibilities with room for extensive detail and multiple things happening at once. I'll let this one speak for itself so you can find your own favorite little detail.


GoBots and Transformers toys & cartoons came out at about the same time. My first of either was a little red sports car GoBot - the range of quality became rapidly obvious and GoBots lost.
Twin Twist must have been a GoBot in a previous life though, all he really did was fold in half in order to "transform" - regardless, what was great about him was that he had a pull back motor so he could shoot across smooth kitchen tile into mom's feet all across america.

Friday, August 20, 2010

THE PUNKIES! They will rock you dead!

Mohawk, skull headed rockers called "The Punkies". Horrible 80's fashion, but a pretty elaborate stage. I think it was from the public access drawing show teaching perspective. Looks like I gave up on the disco ball details - characters were def my priority here. Of course electric guitars would have electric bolts shooting out of them! lol My first logo too, a painter's palette. Character bio pages after the jump.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cocks Stone?
The TV movie was 90mins long and was canceled after just 4 regular episodes. At age 8, it was awesome. Apparently I was quite taken with the show with all these drawings. I even named my childhood cat after it. The character had super hero type special powers. It was like an alien version of Kung Fu as he traveled alone and met people along the way. The character was on a journey to find his partner (who I thought, as a kid, was his sister) to understand how he could help the planet earth. Yadda yadda yadda. More artwork after the jump.

Check out the art & links: The TV intro  The wiki entry


WOW! Book binding and a separate, heavier cover stock! I made multiple copies of this book for my closest of friends. This was mine of course, I'm sure the second hand copies were just paper, folded and taped without the cardboard cover and staple binding. I had woods behind my house growing up so it was easy to run into other kids playing in tree forts, etc. We HAD to have a system in relaying messages securely!


Gun-hands were big i the 80's; Hordak was prob my favorite. Why did She-Ra get the cooler bad guy? Even the little guy is important, "Major Spy", who else would make a better snoop than a little, evil bat?

Friday, August 13, 2010


I do believe these hung outside my bedroom door. A series of creatures that would scare away intruders. I think "The Demon" would have gotten the job done with his smoking, volcano pores and killer abs. This had to be inspired from The Crystar series' villan.


All you had to do was change their appearance and name slightly right?


Many attempts and variations of Storm Shadow from GI Joe. A few black ninjas. I didn't have Snake Eyes yet and he always looked more like a soldier than a ninja anyways. Besides, I could relate to Storm Shadow, well, I could wear white long underwear with a dark bathrobe belt, a white shirt over my face and throw cardboard ninja stars at the wall that is. More lovely computer paper. I think the circled one on the bottom was a trace attempt from the actual toy.


My Dad taught me the lightbox trick without a lightbox. He showed me how to trace artwork by placing it on our glass sliding door during the day. I had one Tron toy, the Warrior. He was an amazing toy for a kid. See-through plastic, glow in the dark highlights and a staff bigger than a lightsaber that glowed as well! I made two of these so I could mail one to Captain 20's show to be displayed during their art segment of the program. And speaking of Tron, have you SEEN the sequel's trailer?


I found two designs, one was actually taped over the other. I guess I saw room for improvement and simply taped over the previous drawing. Notice how there are two rear view mirrors? Remember, this is a spaceship, not a car. I also like the switch labeled "food." I think the blinking cursor "Ready" screen is taken from Atari's Basic computer software. Amazing, a spaceship fighter powered by Basic - I'd be unstoppable.


Skull & crossbones. A raging storm at sea. Cannonballs all launching at once. this is pretty exciting! My dad worked on an Old Time Radio publication called NARA News in his spare time for many years and I learned about copyrighting work. I watched him use the typewriter, cut out clip art from his archive, and hand draw artwork for each issue. This was before digital desktop publishing and scanning was affordable at home. I started to "copyright" my pieces at around 8 or 9 years old. I used any paper I could my hands on: letter paper, computer paper (the kind with holes on both sides) and whatever my dad brought home. There was an endless drawer of paper.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


a larger, single, upper tooth says it all
Among all of my drawings of Tron, Star Wars, Dragons and other fantasy and sci-fi I always tried to create my own characters. From straight up rip offs, nods, and originals. Blood Tooth started off as a school book project. I wish there was a year on the paper.

I do recall falling in love with this character. I took my pages home, found some scrap mat board and did full color illustrations for the front and back. I never found my puppet box, but I remember making a Blood Tooth puppet out of a folded paper plate for the mouth and gluing eyes and teeth on the plate. I went further with scraps of cloth from my parents rag bag for arms, a torso, legs and a cape. These were basically just rectangular cut scraps stapled to the plate. I made a Blood Tooth puppet! Wish I found that.

I'm surprised that I never made a full wearable costume - most likely it was near Halloween when the story was written and the fun faded as Christmas drew closer and I moved on to creating my xmas wishlist.