I recently discovered this treasure during my last visit helping clean out my parent's basement. Revisiting the characters, games, and publications I created as a child brought me to tears of laughter. I hope it does the same for you. I will be posting the work as I scan them. ENJOY!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


a larger, single, upper tooth says it all
Among all of my drawings of Tron, Star Wars, Dragons and other fantasy and sci-fi I always tried to create my own characters. From straight up rip offs, nods, and originals. Blood Tooth started off as a school book project. I wish there was a year on the paper.

I do recall falling in love with this character. I took my pages home, found some scrap mat board and did full color illustrations for the front and back. I never found my puppet box, but I remember making a Blood Tooth puppet out of a folded paper plate for the mouth and gluing eyes and teeth on the plate. I went further with scraps of cloth from my parents rag bag for arms, a torso, legs and a cape. These were basically just rectangular cut scraps stapled to the plate. I made a Blood Tooth puppet! Wish I found that.

I'm surprised that I never made a full wearable costume - most likely it was near Halloween when the story was written and the fun faded as Christmas drew closer and I moved on to creating my xmas wishlist.

So it looks like I dove into multiple frames within the picture box area. Looks like a bunk bed, a toy display shelf, the letter, and my space monster Halloween costume. My Dad was a Prop Master for community theater groups in his spare time so his craftiness was helpful in making things as well as encouraging me to create things from cardboard and other misc things. I never was a space alien monster for Halloween. Funny how the alien has a bloody knife and not a ray gun. My favorite is the hands holding the letter.

Apparently I wanted to make sure that you really knew what chapter you were on where as the number appears twice for each chapter.
Mr Harrows.....Hmmm maybe I was thinking of Sleepy Hollow and Horrors combined? I love the attempt to spell chemicals as "camicals" and the reference to the adjustable operating table is called "one of those things that they made Frankenstein on." The house looks like something from the Flinstones more than VA suburbia. Say a wish David, buwahahahahahahaaa!

Bloody swords on the wall. Smoking camicals in Mr. Horrows hands. And another David character. I remember I liked the name David a lot, I thought it was a "cool" name. Looks like I had a werewolf in the scene before. I guess jumping from 1 character to 3 monsters within 1 chapter would be too much. You can see where he was erased. I'm pretty impressed that I drew Blood Tooth mirrored correctly - I even knew to switch the sword hand in the reflection.

What else would a young boy recently turned into a monster do? Here it slips that I wanted to be David, let alone turned into a monster. "Me and Blood Fangs..." What fun to scare people as real monsters and than feast all night? But wait! A small, green creature has appeared!
Production funds must have fallen through, for alas, I never did find a sequel book titled, "The Battle."

I really went for an interesting type treatment. Why use bold or italic when you can track outline each letter? I loved sharks, closest thing to live dinosaurs as a kid. I had my brothers "Jaws" poster which was a real great white where they airbrushed the bottom jaws and teeth so the mouth appeared wide open from the photo (yes, a time before photoshop). So shark teeth and halloween were my inspiration I imagine. I love the side by side artwork labeled "same". And the cape, capes are always cool as a kid. Beware of BLOOD TOOTH!

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  1. this is amazing Mat. just amazing. i swear i wish i had a drop of the imagination i had when i was a kid. blood tooth is phenomenal, case in point. i would trade years off the end of my life to have a box of drawings from these wonder years. i can not wait to see more of this. you should also do updates, like Blood Tooth at age 30

    really well put together / formatted blog too by the way

    i'm so excited. amazing work as ALWAYS