I recently discovered this treasure during my last visit helping clean out my parent's basement. Revisiting the characters, games, and publications I created as a child brought me to tears of laughter. I hope it does the same for you. I will be posting the work as I scan them. ENJOY!

I am now employed FT and would like any future donations to go to Child's Play; Penny Arcade's awesome fundraiser for kids in hospitals.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


No, it's not what you think. THIS group of ninjas is a crocodile, a salamander, a snake with arms, and a turtle. It's TOTALLY different from that other series.  ; )

What kid didnt love TMNT? Simply awesome comic book series in cool, gritty B&W . . . it later developed into color comics (that's when they were assigned different color headwraps), movies, cartoons and action figures/toys. I loved drawing the turtles, and was excited to make my own stories. But all in all, they were ninjas, loved pizza and were total knock offs from the turtles. I was a kid, it had me drawing page after page. I even drew advertisement pages. LOL there's a real one for Nintendo and another for my own comic, Night Shade, where I knew I had to make my own character for true bragging rights in claiming it to be MY original comic book. LOL

TMNR Issue #1