I recently discovered this treasure during my last visit helping clean out my parent's basement. Revisiting the characters, games, and publications I created as a child brought me to tears of laughter. I hope it does the same for you. I will be posting the work as I scan them. ENJOY!

I am now employed FT and would like any future donations to go to Child's Play; Penny Arcade's awesome fundraiser for kids in hospitals.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I found two designs, one was actually taped over the other. I guess I saw room for improvement and simply taped over the previous drawing. Notice how there are two rear view mirrors? Remember, this is a spaceship, not a car. I also like the switch labeled "food." I think the blinking cursor "Ready" screen is taken from Atari's Basic computer software. Amazing, a spaceship fighter powered by Basic - I'd be unstoppable.

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  1. all the switches are amazing! this is incredible actually, especially for this age! seriously complex stuff! i think i want to go put random toggle switches all over my work area now